DMX In A Box

First Installment in a DIY Series

Adding lights to your stage is a great way to enhance the look of your streams. Once you're ready to move beyond light strips or smart home bulbs, DMX lighting is the way to go! DMX controllers can be expensive and a pain to program though. Using low-cost components and open-source software, I'll show you how to build a DMX controller in a portable case!

In first of this series, I give an overview of the portable hardware/software solution the puts full DMX control in a box. We'll be using a Raspberry Pi, and the amazing QLC+ DMX application to build a very portable, very capable DMX controller that can be used on stream, or in live performances.

Parts List:

Raspberry Pi (3b) Amazon You can find them for as little as $30!

Micro SD card (8 GB)

7 inch touch screen

USB DMX adapter

USB micro cable (2)

Short HDMI cable

XLR female plug

30mm fan (2)
Fan grill (2)

Ethernet cable
waterproof ethernet passthrough

waterproof usb passthrough

Waterproof hard case